Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pregnancy Problems In Urdu


Conduct a port
cruise life
where the aurora
not accept sunsets,
where color
not change light
if clouds
or rain
tempestan life.
The moment caught
on this scale radiant
a woman look
hole in the soul that you
cut to the heart.
And it is of a heavenly
the intense color
he can not
dip into
even a painter.
Inviolata youth
embroidered since
with sweet touches
of unchanged beauty.
And then his breeze
that exudes good
you would like to embrace
transparent as truth
to desire to love.
Port of life
Dawn infinite
lips with silk
and calm voice
stating his name
fascinated me.
cruise life
I m'approdo to your dock
called empathy!
Dedicated to Lydia, a woman of great humanity and intelligence. It 'was an unexpected encounter in my life. And I thank you for this gift that I was being enriched!


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